There have been increasing concerns about the short term and long term side effects of ingredients used in cosmetics.

Apart from the active ingredients, preservatives, stabilizers and fragrances used in cosmetics, contribute to the majority of side effects, ranging from dryness of skin, allergy to the more severe hormonal imbalances and cancer.

IBBANI aims at providing the best of skin care made from therapeutic grade natural ingredients and is completely free of any added preservatives and stabilizers.

Our products not only smell great but also have healing properties since we use the best quality of essential oils.

Each of IBBANI’s products have been extensively researched and brought into the market only after sucessfull trials to match individual needs.

IBBANI’s products are made to order and customized to skin type with an expiry date based on the product. Therefore they are fresh like your food, this is unlike the body care products that are available on the shelf, made from synthetic chemicals that have a long time before expiry and also remain usable long after their expiry.

The products are all homemade and under close supervision for ensuring utmost quality.

The products are safe to be used on kids as they are made from thoughtfully chosen natural ingredients.

These products are researched and created by a doctor who has been in the wellness industry for over 10 years.