I had tried the best of body lotions on my then 3 year old son's skin, but was worried to see rashes and was alarmed to hear about the cancer causing agents in them. So I stopped all lotions and started using only oil at night. But then, his skin would be dry. It was then that I was introduced to IBBANI's Body Butter for Baby Skin made of oils and essential oils. True to its name, over 1 year of use and my son's skin has been as smooth as butter. As a mother I'm very satisfied. God bless the entire IBBANI team for creating such a safe product.

Being an anaesthetist, glove allergy was a huge challenge and I was disappointed when no moisturizer helped. Thanks to IBBANI, ever since I used the DEEP MOISTURISING BODY BUTTER, the problem has disappeared with just once a day use!

The anti-aging cream is simply amazing. I have started to spend more time in front of the mirror, appreciating my skin. To sum it up, I think IBBANI stands for GOODNESS, PURITY and AUTHENTICITY.

Had dry lips issue for 10 years and used variety of lip balms and nothing helped. Used Ibbani lip balm and in 5 days look of my face is changed. My wife is surprised with the results.

Thank you so much!

After trying many products I finally found the products that fit me!!! The best skincare ! I'm using the entire range. Now my skin is beautiful ( in all modesty) , the skin texture is refined & luminous complexion. Obviously I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you Ibbani.

I am happy to share, I had bought Ibbani Fresh and Pure products two months ago. I had gifted them to my cousins and friends in Aurangabad. They got back to me saying they loved the products and that they are preservative free makes them really special and effective.

We wish Ibbani a great success.

I was quite irritated whenever I used regular soap the way my skin use to feel rough and dry, after using Ibbani handmade soaps, I just love them, person like me who has super sensitive skin, Ibbani is best.

First time I used Ibbani’s body butter, I knew I was addicted to it. It made my skin soft and hydrated. Moreover I love Ibbani’s range of products they do not add chemicals which means my little niece can also use these products without us being worried about its effects on her skin.

The best testimonial as to how amazing the product range is, that my mum and sister stole my body butter.

I wish the team massive success and happiness