Hi !

I am Dr Sahana G.V, an ophthalmologist and this is my story in creation of IBBANI Fresh and Pure, a brand that invites you to pamper yourself and your family with daily use body care products made from best of the natural ingredients to keep your skin away from harsh chemicals.

In August 2013 when my son was 2 months old, he would often lick his hands and fingers. Like any mother, caring to provide my kids and family with the best in the world, it would worry me that whatever is applied to his body is getting into his sensitive stomach. Then, on one of the days my daughter who was then a little over 3 years old swallowed some amount of body cream. That triggered me to explore in detail about the ingredients used in these well known baby body care products.

To my shock I found out that most of these ingredients were at a hazard level of 5-9 on a scale of 10. Apart from causing dry skin, allergies, sensitivity etc. Some of them were also linked to hormonal imbalances and cancer. The fragrances used in them are one of the worst allergens. I had also come across some baby body care products being banned, withdrawn and then reintroduced. This got me thinking on what would be safe for my kids skin. I started reading about and then experimenting with natural ingredients to make body butters. To my surprise and relief, it turned out good, my kids loved them, their skin felt great and I was happy and satisfied since the ingredients used in making these were all natural and rated at Zero on the hazard scale. After getting to a point where I could consistently create these products and could trust the sources to procure the best of therapeutic grade ingredients, I started teaching women in cities and villages on how they could make their own daily use body care products. Apparently with so much work around, people asked me to make it for them. Then the goodness started spreading from family to friends and their families and friends leading to the origin of IBBANI.

IBBANI in our local language Kannada means DEW, always fresh and pure. Keeping up with the name, our products are made fresh, with the purest of natural ingredients, without any preservatives and stabilizers .

We now have products for kids, women and men.


Dr Sahana G.V.

MBBS, MS in Ophthalmology, FAM